A web browser toolbar allowing direct queries

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    Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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The Toolbar is a multi-functional search bar that integrates searches into Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers.


Toolbars are a dime a dozen; just about every company has one. Whether its Google, Yahoo or, nearly every company has at least dabbled in the toolbar-making industry. When toolbars offer the right features and functionality, they are extremely helpful add-ons to any browser. However, when done poorly, they become more of a burden. Unfortunately, falls into the category of being more trouble than it's worth.

If there is one thing that the Toolbar bar has going for itself, it's that it can be used with just about any browser. Once the toolbar is installed, it is very sleek and slim. There is not a bunch of added junk, which is another plus. The layout of the toolbar makes it easy for users to find the functions that they are looking for. For example, the icon is located all the way to the left of the toolbar, which acts as a direct link to the website.

The toolbar has a built-in search bar that works flawlessly for the most part. When using the search bar to look up something, users have the option of limiting their search results to blogs, stocks, a thesaurus, weather, a dictionary or images. This makes it extremely helpful when looking up very specific things, but it's not as helpful as Google when searching for something in general.

The most useful features of the Toolbar are not even the searching options. The toolbar provides access to other tools such as a highlighting function and a page resizing button. While both features are nice additions, the highlighting feature does not seem to work all the time.

The biggest problem with the Toolbar is that it's not revolutionary. It does a lot of things but nothing that nearly every other toolbar doesn't do already. Another problem with the Toolbar is trying to get rid of it. Unlike other toolbars, uninstalling the Toolbar does not fully remove it. This problem in itself makes the Toolbar feel more like malware than anything else. Although, there are plenty of online guides that help users fully remove the toolbar from their computer.


  • Slim and sleek toolbar
  • Gives users quick access to searches
  • Offers other useful features, such as highlighting and page resizing


  • Does not offer anything that most other toolbars don't already offer
  • Not all features work flawlessly
  • The Toolbar is difficult to uninstall once users no longer need or want it

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